Brand Design

Who you are.

Two important things about our approach to your Brand Identity. We listen, but we are not order takers. We include you in the process 100%, but are not afraid to tell you when you are wrong. The result - the right aesthetic that is an honest and true statement about who you are.

Brand Boards

Guiceworks defines Brand via a set of style boards, which showcase options in font, color palettes, photography, iconography and preliminary UI elements. Guiceworks presents several brand directions, each comprised of multiple boards working together to communicate one potential look and feel for the Brand. From there, Guiceworks works closely with client to narrow in on one final set of styles to serve as the basis for the Brand and UI design. This approach eliminates any surprises in UI design as all members are effectively working from the same “style guide”. This phase can be run simultaneously with the UX phase to maximize timelines if required.